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Kal Park Trail Day

We will be doing maintenance to the Kal Park trail network today. Depending on how many people we get the goal is to do work on Twisted Sister / Crash of '08, water work damage on the climb to Purple Haze and large bridge work for the mud section on South Park where Serendipity merges in just below the Pump track.

Please bring work gloves, your favorite hand tool (some tools will be provided but it's always better to have more), plenty of food and water, sun screen, proper foot wear (if you want to help with the bridge work rubber boots would be nice) , all weather gear and a winning attitude.

If you feel you don't know enough about trail building don't fret, there will be someone there to take you under their wing and you can buff some trail together! Great place to meet the riding community and put back into the trails you love. :)